Earth Charter launches Communications Campaign

The Earth Charter International’s Rio+20 Communications Campaign has officially been launched. The campaign features a one-minute TV spot designed as a call for people and decision makers at all levels to “See the world through Earth Charter lenses”. The one-minute animated video targets the green economy theme of the Rio+20 summit and focuses on the power of industry and executive decision to push production towards environmental and social sustainability.

ECI’s perspective is that the Earth Charter articulates the vision of strong sustainability that should be the basis for a new economic paradigm. In order to realize its policies and goals, the green economy should follow the interdependent principles of care and respect for the community of life, social and economic justice, ecological integrity, and promote a culture for peace as articulated in the Earth Charter.

ECI hopes that the campaign and its message will help individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses to see a fuller picture of the effects of unsustainable business practices and inspire them to change to and support sustainable ways of living and doing business. The video will be accompanied by print advertising, an exhibition and will run through December 2012.

This project has been made possible thanks to the generous support from AES Brazil and Methodist University.

The video should be disseminated widely and you can watch it in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.