Earth Charter on children’s website Kidsrgreen

The Earth Charter is the focus for Kidsrgreen 2009, a children’s website developed by the Centre for Environment Education, India (CEE). Kidsrgreen is an online innovative and interactive environmental-education magazine for children. It is managed by the Children’s Media Unit of Centre for Environment Education, India. It was selected as one of the finalists for the Stockholm Challenge Award 2008 in the Environment Category.

One of the regular features of this e-magazine is Spaceship Earth. Every month this takes up one of the principles of Earth Charter, and links it to different dimensions of our earth and environment through a story, an activity or project idea. The website, now in its ninth year of operation, is popular with children as well as teachers and parents as a fun-filled, interactive teaching-learning resource. From February till June this year, the site has recorded over 37,000 page views.

We invite you to visit and use this site at www.kidsrgreen.org