Earth Charter on Earth Day

Earth Day has been a great day to promote ecological integrity and the Earth Charter and many groups highlight the importance of the Earth Charter during events. Here are some notable Earth Day events where the Earth Charter presence was felt.

On April 22nd, the Earth Charter Youth Network, the Costa Rican Red Cross Youth group, and the Ministry of Education in Costa Rica hosted the Rio+You campaign in the Plaza de la Democracia in San Jose, Costa Rica in celebration of Earth Day. Read more here.

Earth Charter Portugal co-organized the Festa da Terra 2012 in Aveiro, Portugal. The Festival took place over two days and its goals were to sensitize people to environmental problems, promote practices for improving the environment and quality of life, and stimulate youth activism and participation towards environmental stewardship.

The Earth Scouts program, created by EC US, participated in an Earth Day festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Scouts, led by Earth Scout facilitator Shana Smith, sang the Earth Scouts song, the refrain of which is: “We are all connected to the heartbeat of the Earth!”

There were several Earth Day events in public parks in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the Earth Day weekend and at one of them people played the new Earth Charter game. The game was developed and produced in Brazil and focuses on cooperation and not competition. In other parts of Brazil the Earth Day was also celebrated with the Earth Charter as the central instrument and vision.

ECI also participated in an Earth Day event in Washington, D.C.. Read more about that here.