Earth Charter Poster and Brochure Design Contest for Students, $1000 prize





Can you help change the world, one poster at a time?

If you think you can, then here’s a contest just for you.

Earth Charter International (ECI) is holding its first-ever poster and brochure design contest!

The ECI is looking for designs that reflect the spirit of the Earth Charter document (Read the Earth Charter here)

We’re hoping that the beauty of the design – a brochure that will open up to become a poster – will complement the content of the Charter and make people want to hang the poster on the wall.

The winner will receive a $1,000 prize, prestige, and the design will have great exposure at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June, 2012. Shortlisted designs will also be exhibited on our Web site. The judges will be comprised of executive members of the ECI. The contest is co-sponsored by Grupo ICE of Costa Rica.

Last date for design submissions: January 30th, 2012. Direct questions to [email protected]

Technical Specifications

Brochure: A four-page layout that unfolds into a poster.

  • Page 1: Cover
  • Page 2 and 3: Inside pages
  • Page 4: Back cover


  • Poster size: 432x558mm
  • Brochure page size (each page): 216x279mm
  • The text of the The Earth Charter should be easily legible on the poster.
  • The Earth Charter logo with no words should be used on the front cover and the Earth Charter logo with the words Earth Charter International should be used on the back cover.
  • The texts for each page and for the Earth Charter must be used for the design without any changes.
  • Watch this video for a visual of the layout and the old, not so interesting looking brochure/poster.
  • The application form, logos, and texts can all be downloaded here.


Participants must share their final design and required materials in a Dropbox folder with the following email account: [email protected]. If you are new to Dropbox, visit the Dropbox page for instructions on using the application.

Submission Checklist

  • Completed Submission Form.

  • The finished design artwork rendered as high definition PNG or PDF files, minimum 600dpi.
  • A short statement (not more than 200 words) that describes the designer’s vision and how it reflects the Earth Charter
  • A short designer bio of no more than 200 words
  • A self-portrait photo
  • Proof of student status OR enrollment certificate OR a legible scan of the student ID

Save all submitted documents and works with your first initial and last name followed by the name of the document. For example: Jenny Smith’s application form should be saved in the Dropbox folder as: jsmith_applicationform.doc. All documents should go into a folder, which should be named similarly: jsmith_application.

What we’re looking for

We want the design to be colorful, artistic, creative, more round than square, if you must use pictures then of activities/action oriented, not just animals or landscapes or different colored people and make sure you have the rights to use any pictures. The poster with Earth Charter text should be really attractive to look at, colorful, fun, bright, active, but not too distracting that the text gets overlooked. The text should also be easily visible on the poster. People should want to put this on their walls, frame it, be happy to see it. We really want to see your creativity and feel that you’ve been inspired by the Earth Charter.


These are the terms and conditions (rules) of “The Earth Charter International Brochure and Poster 2012 Design Contest”, which is organized by Earth Charter International (ECI) and sponsored by Grupo ICE. The aim of this contest is to invite students to reflect on the principles of the Earth Charter by submitting a design for a brochure that folds out into a poster. Participants in the contest agree that they have read, understood and accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them.

  • The contest is open to all school students above the age of 18 years. Students who are currently enrolled in an academic (or comparable) institution worldwide are entitled to participate.
  • Entry to the contest is free of charge.
  • All entries should be sent in by January 30, 2012 before midnight, GMT. The winner and shortlisted participants will be informed by email by February 13, 2012 before midnight, GMT.
  • Participants can send any number of entries.
  • The Contest is not open to employees, contractors and relatives of ECI, and/or employees or contractors of Grupo ICE.
  • All rights under copyright in any submitted work shall remain with the participant, however, by submitting any work, participant grants ECI a perpetual, nonexclusive license to use such work, including the right to create derivative works based thereon, for any educational any promotional/and or publicity purpose, without the need for any further approval from participant. Participant will receive name recognition on the Web site but not on printed materials.
  • All work must meet the criteria as specified.
  • By entering this competition, participants warrant that his or her design is original, that do not infringe on any third party’s rights, and that participant has obtained necessary permissions from third party, if a third party or third party’s property appears in the design. The participant will be solely responsible for any infringement of any rights and shall indemnify ECI and Grupo ICE against any and all claims against them based on any such infringement claim.
  • All participants also agree not to use the Earth Charter logos for any uses other than this design contest without further express permission of ECI, nor to share the logos with any third parties.
  • The winner agrees to reproduce the design with texts in two other languages (texts to be provided by ECI).
  • To submit, participants must complete the submission form with all the information provided. The Submission Form will be put in a Dropbox folder, along with all items mentioned in the Call for Submission.
  • ECI reserves the right to disqualify any entry if it finds in its sole discretion that any of the foregoing conditions are not true. ECI is not responsible for any late or misdirected entries.
  • The decision of ECI shall be final and binding. The judging panel will be comprised of executive members of ECI. The decisions of the judges shall be final on all matters relating to the Contest and no correspondence will be entertained.
  • The prize of $1,000 is non-transferable. Participants will be responsible for all applicable taxes of any kind relating the contest.

All inquiries can be directed to [email protected]


Useful links

Download all submission materials, including the application form, brochure and poster texts, and logos here.

The Earth Charter Text:


ECI Rio+20 page:


ECI Home page:


Old ECI brochure:


Join us on our facebook page:


Download the Earth Charter in many other languages: