Earth Charter Presentation at Futures of Education Conference – Learning to Become 2021

Conference: Futures of Education – Learning to Become 2021
Education for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene
April 22-23, 2021

An online conference hosted by VIA University College, Denmark

On Friday, 23 April, Dr. Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter International Executive Director, gave a keynote presentation at the Futures of Education Conference on the theme of “Cultivating human shared values and sparking social transformation; the greatest challenge of education of our times.”

This presentation offered some reflections on the importance of cultivating human shared values in the ESD practice and through the Futures of Education efforts. It reflected on the purpose and role of education to current times, especially its role as an instrument of social transformation and its challenges to fulfill this role. In addition, it briefly shared how the Earth Charter has been used as an instrument to cultivate human shared values of sustainability and global citizenship, and why such efforts are to be seen as priority and as drivers to the necessary civilization shift.

The conference had over 200 registrations and approximately 100-150 participants attended the sessions including researchers, professionals, students and people interested in or involved in/working with sustainable development and SDG2030. This effort is part of the FECUN project, initiated at VIA University College by the Research Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) and VIABLE, a research & development initiative focusing on sustainable and viable development, and the role of education in the 21st Century. FECUN is a global platform for collaboration on Futures of education, culture and nature.

Learn more about the conference here: https://en.via.dk/research/innovation-and-entrepreneurship/futures-of-education-learning-to-become-2021

Contact Information:
Conference Coordinator: Victoria Justine Ulriksen Draborg, [email protected]
Academic Coordinator: Jesper Garsdal, [email protected]

Research Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, VIA University College