Earth Charter Student Awards 2014

On September 8th, 2014, the Earth Charter Student Awards was held for the fourth consecutive year by the National University of Costa Rica (UNA). The event was held at the CIDE auditorium.

This recognition is awarded to students with strong values and great human qualities, who are concerned for humanity´s well being, responsible for caring for the environment, who promote social and economic justice, and base their actions in a culture of peace.

A total of 11 students were chosen by different Centers, Faculties, and Headquarters to receive this recognition. These young students are a reminder that educational institutions are not only forming successful professionals in different areas, but also have to encourage the development of skills, actions, and attitudes that make students exceptional human beings.

Prior to the ceremony, members of the UNA Earth Charter Network, along with the Earth Charter International´s Youth Coordinator organized a workshop on leadership and sustainability, in which there was the opportunity to interact more profoundly with the students and get to know more about their ideas on making this world more sustainable.

Earth Charter International congratulates all of these students for implementing and practicing all the principles of the Earth Charter in their lives and for being an example for all students at the National University of Costa Rica.

Earth Charter-UNA Students 2014 list:

•    Nicoya Headquarters: Adriana de los Ángeles Vásquez Duarte

•    General Studies Center: José Antonio García Gómez

•    Social Sciences Faculty: Diego Valverde Murillo

•    Teaching and Research Education Center: Elsie Noguera Morales

•    Exact and Natural Sciences: Evelyn Barrantes Quirós

•    Sarapiquí Headquarters: Ana Moreno López

•    Philosophy and Languages Faculty: Sandra Monge Vázquez

•    Research, Teaching, and Artistic Extension Center: Heriberto Calderón Villalobos

•    Land and Sea Faculty: Jonathan Quesada Campos

•    Brunca Headquarters: Jorge Arturo Morales Piedra

•    Liberia Headquarters: Jonathan Abarca Castillo