Earth Charter UK submits a document to the Parliament in preparation for Rio+20

The paper, presented by Earth Charter UK, introduces the Charter, and its current position in the UK. It then addresses the two key issues of Rio+20 (Greening the Economy and Institutional Frameworks), informed both by international papers prepared for the Earth Charter Initiative on these issues and work currently being undertaken in the UK.

It contains three recommendations for consideration by the Committee:

  1. The UK government should recognize and support the Earth Charter as a means of inspiring commitment and action by individuals and organizations.
  2. The UK government is asked to adopt the fifteen principles of a green economy as providing a working framework. These principals individually and together should form the basis of the UK transition towards sustainability and a green economy.
  3. Given the magnitude and multiplicity of environmental and social issues facing our planet, the UK government is urged to support the call at Rio for the establishment of a World Environment Organization.

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