Earth Charter Volunteers Lead Workshop with local El Rodeo School on Recycling

On Wednesday, 21 March, Earth Charter volunteers and students of the University for Peace gave an educational and interactive workshop on recycling to the children of the El Rodeo School in the Canton of Mora, the workshop was Taller Escuela El Rodeo 3designed to harmonize between games and talks about recycling and its importance. The children had the space to clarify all their doubts about recycling with the games and the question and answer session.

The workshop lasted an hour and thirty minutes and in its entirety, the time was dedicated to the children interacting and learning in a participatory way. One of the activities that most attracted the attention of the children was the separation of waste that consisted of placing mixed waste on the floor and asking a participant to place it in the appropriate bin. This activity allowed children to learn how to recycle. The kids were encouraged to share what they learned with their families in order to keep the streets, rivers, oceans and the environment clean.

At the end of the workshop, the children were very excited about what they learned. We explained that the importance of recycling is not to keep our waste in order, but to keep our environment clean. If we don’t put the garbage where it belongs and if we don’t recycle properly, we are not contributing to our ecosystems or to ourselves.

Taller Escuela El Rodeo 6

Written by: Xilonem Quiñonez, Earth Charter Intern