Earth Charter Workshop for teachers in Monterrey, Mexico

The Colectivo La Bola (The Ball Group) gave a workshop called “Taller Tierra Hogar: Estrategias metodológicas para instrumentar la Carta de la Tierra” (Earth-Home Workshop: Metodolological Strategies to implement the Earth Charter) in the city of Monterrey on October 6, 7 and 8, 2011 within the frame of the 11th International Gathering and the 3rd Initial and Preschool Education World Congress: “Early Childhood, Family and Sustainable Development”.

The Ball Group has created a series of workshops called Earth-Home, to share the Earth Charter’s perspectives on cultural, political, economic, and environmental themes with children. The workshop had approximately 200 participants, most of them elementary and preschool educators. 

More than just sharing knowledge, the presenters intended to have educators reflect on the importance of raising awareness regarding the environment challenges and the planet and society’s role in it, as well as how fundamental it is to develop this theme with children from an early age and the methods to facilitate this approach with them on the path to sustainability.
More information in Spanish here.