Earth Charter workshops for higher education and high schools in Tabasco, Mexico

PROEMAC (Professionals specialized on the Environment), long involved in the Earth Charter Initiative, and the Youth Environmentalist Group BALAM (jaguar in the Mayan language), through the Movimiento Ciudadano de Renovación Global (Citizens Movement for Global Renewal), are promoting since January 25 Earth Charter workshops in high school and higher education institutions, as well as a used batteries gathering education program in Tabasco, Mexico. 

The objectives of the workshops are as follows: 

  • Have youth from high school and higher education institutions learn about the Earth Charter;
  • Familiarize youth with the Earth Charter values and principles and possibilities of application in different social contexts;
  • Give youth tools and strategies to start doing Earth Charter activities in the right way and according to their own context. 

Find information in Spanish about the II Earth Charter workshop held at the Technological University of Tabasco here.

Additionally, they began the “Recolecta, Recicla. No la riegues… junta tus pilas” (Gather, Recycle.  Don’t spill it…pick up the batteries) campaign, taking into account that used batteries are one of the most contaminating objects and that 30% of their components are highly toxic, including mercury, lithium, cadmium, and nickel. Complicating the problem is the fact that many people don’t know how to properly dispose of them and they do not break down in natural systems.

The goal of the workshops is to create consciousness about the importance of including, as part of daily life, recycling practices and a greater responsibility in waste management. The batteries gathered through this campaign will be given to SEMARNAT (Ministry of Environment in Mexico) so that they will be taken to Mina, Nuevo León, where some components will be separated and the rest will be collected and disposed in an adequate and safe way. 

More information in Spanish about this here. 

A video in Spanish about the battery gathering campaign: