Earth Charter Youth Group of the Month: Global Unification from The Gambia

Congratulations to our July, 2013 Earth Charter Youth Group of the Month: Global Unification from The Gambia!

Global Unification, The Gambia (GU) is a youth-led research and development organisation and an Earth charter youth group that has been working in The Gambia since 2006. GU work for and with youth and local communities (mainly women) in The Gambia, supporting their efforts to shift out of poverty, increase their access quality health services, and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The organisation has recently initiated a project entitled: Women’s Initiative for Economic Empowerment and Education (WIFE) that aims to build the capacity of local women in Dongoroba Village, eastern region of the Gambia in climate-smart agriculture, entrepreneurship and life skills, as to enable them to reduce their level of poverty. The WIFE project also seeks to improve the level of awareness among women and men about the negative effects of family gender-based violence against women.

Overall, the WIFE project grew out of the desire to improve the social and economic status of women. Started in December 2011, with seed funding from 1% club, Netherlands, the WIFE project has trained 300 women in garden management, provided seeds to 300 women, fenced in , tiled and provided a metal gate for the entire garden.

GU team is now preparing for phase 2 of the project which will involve building a storage facility, provide garden material such as watering cans as well as training the women on vegetable conservation and marketing of vegetables. To accomplish this objective, the project is currently accepting donations via the 1%club crowd funding platform.

You can find more information on the GU website, their Wikispace page and on the Earth Charter Youth Group Google Map!

Congrats to Global Unification-The Gambia for their amazing project linked to Earth Charter Principle 11: “Affirm gender equality and equity as prerequisites to sustainable development and ensure universal access to education, health care, and economic opportunity”!