Earth Charter Youth Group of the Month

As part of the Earth Charter youth network, we will be showcasing an EC Youth Group every month that is actively using the Earth Charter in creative and innovative ways in their projects and activities.

This month we are featuring the Earth Charter Youth Group UTTAB. They have demonstrated their commitment towards building a more sustainable world using the Earth Charter as their ethical guide in their many activities that they have been participating in collaboration with other Mexican university EC student groups and organizing. Some of the activities and/or workshops have been: Gender and Equity Dialogue, Social-Environmental Community Clean-up, Second regional youth meeting to combat climate change, among many others. To read more about ECYG UTTAB’s Earth Charter inspired activities, click here.

Also, be sure to explore our previous ECYGs of the month from September and October!


September: Assembly of Youth for a Sustainable Environment and Development – ASYOUSED

October: Thumbs Up Foundation

November: Universidad Tecnológica de Tabasco Club: “Carta de la Tierra UTTAB”