Earth Charter youth network partners with Reto Juvenil Internacional

Earth Charter youth network and Reto Juvenil Internacional have started an exciting partnership; eight Canadian and Australian volunteers will be implementing Earth Charter inspired activities in rural Costa Rica for 10 weeks. The group is going to work with a local organization called Fundación Resplandecer, in the community of Coquitales de San Jorge, in Los Chiles. During the summer 2009 the same idea will be implemented in Guatemala as well.

The volunteers’ actions will be updated on Earth Charter youth blog during the summer 2009. It will be great to see what type of Earth Charter activities these young volunteers will be organizing with the local youth! In addition to Earth Charter related project, the group will be helping with the expansion of Casa Hogar, House for children in social Risk.

Reto Juvenil Internacional is a Costa Rican based organization working in collaboration with Australia, Canada and Guyana to carry out volunteer programs where community development is complemented by personal growth, group work and community service.

Reto Juvenil Internacional has been working for more than 15 years in Costa Rica and has participated consistently in more than 150 environmental and community projects, providing an opportunity for approximately 1800 volunteers from different countries to participate. Check Reto Juvenil film in YouTube.

Natalie Salas, Reto Juvenil’s Regional Coordinator for the department of Community Action and Leadership, tells why they wanted to partner with Earth Charter youth network:

“For us it is important to work with Earth Charter youth network because we support the same values of protecting the planet, communities and sustainable ways of living. In addition themes like global citizenship and environmental responsibility are important for us. We also needed assistance from this global movement to give us resources and guidance to work on these topics with our volunteers in the communities. For Reto Juvenil is also essential to keep working for youth development and improve the quality of life in our communities.”

Earth Charter youth network is very happy to work with Reto Juvenil and hoping for a great success on the upcoming project! 

The volunteers are: Bronwyn Davis, David Charrette, Dorothy Bootle, Elise Bulla, Jeremy Neeposh, Phil Ho and Tom d’ews Thomson.