Earth Charter youth network took part in online actions to collect funds

Earth Charter youth network took part of 1%CLUB’s event called 24 hour Action 2010!

The 1%CLUB is the online market place for development projects where you can directly offer 1% to a project of your own choice. 1%CLUB has created a platform for the Earth Charter Action projects to be displayed.

24 Hour Action Flyer

On December 9th and 10th 1%CLUB had an event called 24 Hour Action. During those 24 hours, 24 playful actions took place with the aim to finish 24 different projects. One of these Action Groups consisted of Earth Charter youth network.

One of the day’s activities was to do an online WAVE for the Earth Charter project of Ebrima Dem in Gambia. Ebrima, a coordinator of Earth Charter Youth Group Global Unification, is looking for donations for a project idea called Women´s Initiative Education Economic Empowerment WIFE 1.

During those 24 hours participants were able to mobilize their online networks to gather money for a community garden and training program for 300 women in Dongoro ba village in Mid-South Gambia. The project was promoted through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. by posting this link http://www.1procentclub.nl/projects/WIFE/moredetail.

The project proposal still needs donations to be realized, so posting the link is still highly encouraged. Through the link you can read about the project here and give your contribution.