Earth Charter Youth News

Learn more about what some Earth Charter Young Leaders (ECYL) are doing to put the Earth Charter into Action:

Catarina Sá Couto, an ECYL from Portugal, shared her reflexions on recent workshops and beach clean-ups held in the city of Porto. In her article, Catarina shares about the importance of using the Earth Charter and education as tools to change the world.

Read Catarina’s full article here.

Karen Proa, an ECYL from Mexico and currently living in Costa Rica, shared her experience at the Local Conference of Youth held in Costa Rica before the PreCOP25. During this conference, Latin American youth worked together to draft the Declaration of Latin American Youth on Climate Change, which was presented to before a plenary in the PreCOP25. Karen and two other ECYLs were present at this event, and shared the Earth Charter as an ethical guide towards achieving sustainable development.

Read Karen’s full article here.

Dennis Pérez-Umaña, an Earth Charter Young Leader from Costa Rica, recently wrote and published an article titled “Geodiversity and Geoheritage in Costa Rica’s Wilderness.” In the article, Dennis explains the importance of protecting wilderness areas, and mentions the Earth Charter as a tool to extend these protections to more of our geoheritage sites.

Read Dennis’ full article here.

Suhei Castro, an ECYL from Mexico, wrote a short article and a research paper on the importance of the menstrual cup for sustainability and reproductive health. In the short article, Suhei lists eight reasons in favor of using this product. Suhei links the use of the menstrual cup with Earth Charter Principle 7: “Adopt patterns of production, consumption, and reproduction that safeguard Earth’s regenerative capacities, human rights, and community well-being.”

Read Suhei’s full article here.

Rocío Collantes, an ECYL from Panama, organized the activity “The Earth Charter and My Community 2030,” and invited students of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Panama. Rocío, along with ECYLS Karen Proa and Julián Arias are participating in the 2030 Agenda Ambassadors Programme, promoted by The Millennials Movement.

Read Rocío’s full article here.


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