Earth Charter Youth Stories Around the World

We’re excited to announce 5 inspiring Earth Charter Youth stories from around the world that we have compiled in video format. Find out how these sustainability leaders engaged with the Earth Charter since their younger years and how the Earth Charter continues to influence them today in their different contexts and professional roles.


Assouan Gbesso is from Togo and was an active Earth Charter Young Leader from 2003-2009 engaging youth with the Earth Charter in Togo. He now works as a Programme Officer for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the Republic of Congo and is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Programme at the University for Peace focusing on Peace Education Encountering Youth Radicalization in Mali. Watch his featured story below:


Gabriela Barbosa Batista, former undersecretary of education and socio-environmental mobilization, the Secretary of Environment of Brasília, Brazil, was introduced to the Earth Charter in 2002 during the Second World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. From this moment on, she has organized groups of young people from the NGO Alternativa Terrazul to work with sustainability projects based on the Earth Charter. Gabriela also organized a national youth seminar. Watch Gabriela’s Earth Charter featured story below:

Costa Rica

Fernando Mora Rodríguez, Deputy Minister of Water, Seas, Coasts, and Wetlands of Costa Rica (2014- 2018), came across the Earth Charter in 2010 as a participant in the youth course on Youth Leadership, Environmental Sustainability, and Ethics. In this video, Fernando tells us about how the Earth Charter has influenced him in his decision-making and some challenges and lessons learned during his experience in public administration. Watch Fernando’s Earth Charter featured story below:

Costa Rica

Nicole Jirón Beirute became involved with the Earth Charter Initiative in 1998, at age 17 when she promoted a consultation process among the university students at the University of Costa Rica (UCR). Since then she participated in the group that promotes the Earth Charter in Costa Rica. In 2001 she worked as the International Youth Coordinator for the Earth Charter International. Watch Nicole’s Earth Charter featured story below:


Esther Kelechi Agbarakwe encountered the Earth Charter in 2006 in Calabar, Nigeria. She participated in an Earth Charter E-Glo (Earth Charter Global Learning Opportunity) training programme using your voice through social media, communications, and blogging to build a sustainable future. In 2016, she went on to work as an Advisor to the Ministry of the Environment in Nigeria and now works as the Climate and SDG Action officer for the United Nations Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. In this video, Esther explains how she came to know the Earth Charter and how it continues to inspire her in her work today. Watch Esther’s featured Earth Charter story below:

Have you been inspired to engage and act in the Earth Charter Movement? Do you implement the EC values in your life, family, school, or community? How has the Earth Charter affected you? Share your story to reach other youth that may be on the verge of diving in to a new network, lifestyle, and purpose.

ECI envisions to catalyze stories in the form of an essay, video, performance, art work, etc. to share with others through the ECI website, social media, or even in future print publications. Write us at [email protected]