Earth Charter Youth Task Force Formation


Selection Process

The whole process has been pretty challenging and long due to the wide range of YTF volutneers, in addition to the efforts made to try and be as democratic as possible. However, YTF has made the best of these challenges and after communicating with each other through many different online tools such as e-mails, our facebook group page, etherpad notes and google documents, the Earth Charter Youth Task Force Formation Meeting was held on October 27th, 2011 on the Wiziq online platform and the final WG coordinators were elected by casting votes in the live chat box.

The names of the 10 elected YTF WG coordinators are :
Bowo Sulistio _WG 1. Technical
Amanda Bancroft_WG 2. Communications
Muhammad Salman_WG 3. Outreach
Sujan Saha_WG 4. Campaigns
Ntiokam Divine_WG 5. Partnerships
Putri Ayusha_WG 6. Volunteer Management
Kolawole oreoluwa_ WG 7 Community Management
Diego Baptista_WG 8. Projects
Demi Smoloktou WG 9. Gatherings
Hoa  Dinh_WG 10. Funding

Next Steps

Short bio of the Youth Task Force Main team members and relevant information of the Working Groups members are currently underway and will be published soon.

You can view the 59 active people of the YTF here (please keep in mind that this is only a draft!)

On 10 October, the Youth Task Force had an online meeting to revise all the targets and goals set forth by the Earth Charter Youth Task Force and identified ways of how to  materialize them by the end of 2012.

The results of the meeting revealed some concrete recommendations for a more efficiently run Youth Task Force. The meeting also called for active participation that was well received by all members!

Should you wish to join our forces you are more than welcome!

Please contact: Demi Smoloktou ([email protected]) or Sujan Saha ([email protected])

Also, please join us on facebook:
Earth Charter Youth (English)
La Carta de la Tierra Jóvenes  (Spanish)