Earth Charter Youth Workshops, June 2013

This month, the Earth Charter International Secretariat had the opportunity to meet many new Costa Rican young people of all ages through the numerous workshops and interactive activities we organized and participated in.

The first workshop was organized on June 5th, on Environmental Day, when 30 children from the primary schools of El Rodeo and Cuidad Colon, two towns close to the University for Peace (UPEACE), came to have a tour of the very green campus and learned about the importance of preserving the planet through diverse activities, including planting trees across the campus, learning about the Earth Charter, and producing small theater interpretations around its principles.

A few days later, the Earth Charter Secretariat received a group of students from the National Institute of Learning (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje), Center for Multisectoral Training of Heredia, Costa Rica. The participants were between 18 and 23 years old, and they started off their day with an engaging tour of the University for Peace campus, where our Secretariat is located, and, at the same time, learned more about the Earth Charter and how to apply its values and principles in their day-to-day lives. The Earth Charter team invited them to reflect, discuss, and exchange points of view and experiences on current global challenges, such as climate change, social and economic inequalities, and access to education and health, among others, and on the Earth Charter as a potential guide towards building a more sustainable world.

Later in the month, The Earth Charter participated in the 4th Ecologic Congress for Kids, which was organized by the Sechium Association in the Cultural Center of Alajuela, where over 40 children, from four to twelve years old, came. The Earth Charter youth coordinator, Nora Mahmoud opened this valuable celebration presenting the Earth Charter for Youth and facilitating activities to build awareness of the importance and universal responsibility to respect and care for the community of life and incorporating the Earth Charter principles in our everyday lives.

Finally, the Earth Charter team was invited to visit the Franco-Costa Rican pre-school, located in Tres Rios, San Jose. The children, aged between two and six years old enjoyed learning, singing, and actively participating in activities on the topics of life and nature, which were introduced through the Little Earth Charter video. This Earth Charter workshop was part of a five-month program called “The Forest and its Protection” that will be running until October 2013 at this school.

Earth Charter International extends its gratitude to all the participants, from the youngest to the oldest, and from the smallest to the biggest, for all the smiles and enthusiasm!