Earth Day celebration in Assam, India

In a magnificent three-day event, Earth Day 2013 was celebrated in Bajali HS School in Barpeta district of Assam, India. To commemorate the day and spread the message of this year’s theme – Face of climate change – diverse activities were carried out among large groups of students. Students from different schools of the district participated. A cycle rally also passed through the locality to create a mass awareness about the importance of Earth Day.

Centre for Environment Education’s (CEE) Northeast cell did a day-long interactive session with students from five schools on the second day of celebration. The CEE team featured the perspective of Earth Charter principles through its innovative “Earth Charter Think Café”. Through this initiative, the CEE team guided students to take action to sustainably conserve mother Earth. During the session, students realized their role in making the earth a livable place, regardless for which life forms. They were involved in group work facilitated by members of CARBON, a local organization.

Students were divided into nine groups and given two broad themes: the role of students in conservation of the Earth; and, how can students show love and compassion to all living beings through their actions. Student groups brainstormed on the themes and came up with convincing solutions to the issues. A representative from each group presented their findings to the audience. In their presentations, students primarily stressed the importance of plants as agents that can sustain earth’s beauty and bounty for the future. That’s why it should be a duty of every citizen of the earth to protect trees.

Moreover, students mentioned the urgent need of some alternatives to polythene to sustain earth’s fertility for future crop production. Students urged less plastic use in every sphere of life. Many groups mentioned the common need to show respect to one’s own culture and ensure the spread of sustainable uses of resources. Many students stressed the importance of stopping competition for using resources. Finally, they asked people to be responsible about their lifestyles and take action towards promoting the well being of the Earth.