Earth Day in Cremona, Italy

The Italian non-profit Association “La Terra nel Cuore” (Earth in Heart) was founded by a group of educators, journalists, corporate communicators, musicians, and artists  devoted to promote holistic education based on love, respect, and freedom. Over the years, it has carried out educational and teaching projects at local level, always inspired by the Earth Charter.

On April 22, Earth Day 2015, La Terra nel Cuore organized an event with the students of the Artistic High School “Bruno Munari” of Cremona, whose title echoes the slogan of the Earth Day 2015: It’s our turn to lead!

The goal of the day was to foster in young people the awareness of the planet as a single community that shares a common destiny, and to involve them in actively driving this process of change.

The event included the movie “The Green Planet” by Coline Serreau, a beautiful French film that shows the importance of living close to nature. It provides a comedic vision of life on planet Earth from an extraterrestrial perspective. In the film, an alien revisits her Earthly origins only to discover unbearable living conditions due to pollution, industrialization, disconnection with nature, and disease, in contrast to her home world, in which individuals live hundreds of years in a collective society, honor nature, develop supernatural abilities, are family oriented, etc. The audience enjoyed the film thoroughly.

After the movie, the Earth Charter was presented and its structure and main principles were discussed.

Finally, the event concluded with the projection of video messages from well-known figures from popular culture, entertainment, and sport who wanted to support Earth Day and the Earth Charter.