Earth Day in Sao Paulo was celebrated with the Earth Charter

Earth Day celebrations took place at UMAPAZ (Open University for the Environment and a Culture of Peace) in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 22 with the presence of the Secretary of Green and Environment, Eduardo Jorge, the Mayor Gilberto Kassab and Cristina Moreno, representing the Earth Charter Initiative, among others.

Children from the AMECON-CEJOLI NGO from the Americanópolis district in São Paulo participated in several of the activities such as the planting of trees at the Ibirapuera Park, as well as listening to stories from the infantile writer Fábio Lisboa, music and much more. 

The hoisting of the following flags was carried out at the entrance of UMAPAZ:  from the Municipality of São Paulo, by the Submayor of Villa Mariana, Manoel Antonio da Silva Araújo; the Brazilian flag, by the Secretary of Green and Environment, Eduardo Jorge;  and the Earth flag by the Mayor Gilberto Kassab, with the presence of the students of the third group of the Earth Charter in Action course for the formation of socio-environment local agents as well as other invitees. 

More detailed information and pictures here.