Earth – Our Home -exhibition greetings from Turku, Finland

An exhibition based on the Earth Charter arrived in Hansa Shopping Center in Turku, Finland on September 17th and stayed there until October 14th. It was titled Earth our Home. The opening ceremony contained a familiar atmosphere created by the Bogolo Street Band, a group whose music is based on traditional music from West Africa. Also, Katja Mansikkaniemi from the Green Living Movement Finland spoke about sustainability and related subjects. After the formal program, the guides toured the audience around the exhibition.

Two workshops were organized for the students of sustainable development at Turku University of Applied Sciences. In the workshops, the students were told about Earth Charter’s principles. There were interesting conversations related to the themes of the Earth Charter in the classrooms. The students were given different positive articles in the workshops and they were given the task of finding the Earth Charter principle to which the article given them fitted best. The choices of the students were also reflected afterwards. A small group of 11-year-old pupils visited the exhibition. They were guided through the principles and despite  their really youth they had wonderful ideas for a sustainable future.

Guides and visitors had interesting and warm conversations regarding sustainable development during the exhibition. All in all, the experience in Turku was inspiring!

Guides: Anni, Sanna and Joni