Earth Week at the Municipality of Heredia, Costa Rica

The Municipality of Heredia in Costa Rica celebrated Earth Week this year by inviting different local organizations and advocates from the community to share what they do and their commitment towards sustaining and taking care of a our shared planet called Earth.

Earth week started on Monday, April 22nd, the official “Earth Day” and ran until Friday, April 26th. The idea was that each day a table was set up in the middle of the municipality building so that as employees and members of the community walked by they would also sensitize themselves and perhaps learn something new or reflect about their own lifestyles and practices in a different way. In addition to Earth Charter, Isabel and her daughter Gabriela from Patrullas Ecológicas who assisted in the organization of Earth Week, were also invited to conduct and lead a hands-on activity with recycled office materials with municipality employees.

Earth Charter International was invited to participate on Thursday, April 25th, which marked Sustainability Day and present how the Earth Charter can be used as an ethical framework in people’s everyday lives. Lots of dialogue took place and everyone seemed very receptive to what the Earth Charter stands for and the importance of promoting more sustainable ways of living.

Overall, it was a very productive and engaging day and Earth Charter International congratulates the municipality of Heredia for their efforts and belief in building a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.