EC + 10 in Russia to be celebrated with several events

The Earth Charter Affiliate in Russia, the Center for Russian Environmental Policy and Culture, is planning to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter launch with several large-scale activities which will start on March 23, 2010, in Moscow with the first Social Forum on Energy Efficiency. The Forum will have a special break out session focusing on the role of the Earth Charter sustainability values in reshaping national and energy production along the lines of corporate, social and environmental responsibility. The second meeting of the Forum will take place in six months, on September 23.

These events will be followed by the All-Russian conference “Sustainable Development and Civil Society” to be held on May 5-7 also in Moscow.

One of the working group of the Conference, “Education for Sustainable Development: 10th anniversary of the launch of the Earth Charter” will have a special focus on the problems of the integration of the principles of education for sustainable development based on the principles of the Earth Charter into the Russian educational system at all levels, starting with the Department of the Curriculum Development of the Ministry of Education, universities, secondary schools, institutions and NGOS dealing with professional, life-long, non-formal and informal education. More than 30 people from many regions of the Russian Federation are expected to participate.

The Republic of Tatarstan (The Russian Federation) plans to commemorate the first decade of the Earth Charter international Initiative by building a memorable monument in Kazan, the capital of the RT.