EC and Arts – Earth Charter Exhibition with 30 Artists starts in Germany

The title is: “Earth Charter – Transformations in Art and Sculpture”.

Thirty artists will show their creation in the town of Warburg (in the “Volksbank Warburger Land”), in the middle of Germany, from July 3rd until July 30th, 2011.  An opening event will be held and Frank Meyberg will hold an introductionary talk about the history of the Earth Charter.

“Earth Charter and Arts” is a project that was started two years ago by the artist’s organisation “Art Driburg” and the Ecumenical Initiative One World, German Earth Charter Affiliate, who coordinates the Earth Charter activities in Germany.

During this summer, there will be several other Earth Charter events in Warburg. The town is celebrating its 975th birthday and has decided to connect some of the festivity events with the Earth Charter as a message of hope for a sustainable future. Several schools will work with the Earth Charter and there will be a big public event in the middle of July where the town will officially endorse the Earth Charter.

See here their brochure in German.