EC dissemination in Colombia

The Asociación Colombiana de Educación Preescolar (Pre-school Education Colombian Association), an ECI Affiliate, has carried out some interesting activities in Colombia during 2010, among them the following:

  • Dissemination of the EC principles in three of the pages of Animal-Es, an ecological journal with a distribution of 5,000 copies.  The EC was highlighted in the central page as well as in pages 10 and 11. 
  • Design and elaboration of 1,000 posters with the support of the Municipality of Bogotá, Fundación Maestros Del Río, AnimalES journal and Columba Pax Foundation.  This material was distributed in November throughout secondary schools with a copy of the AnimalES journal.
  • At the same time, the Earth Charter was incorporated in pages 22 and 35 of the “Pioneros de la Educación en Colombia” (Pioneers of Education in Colombia) magazine in celebration of the 50 anniversary of ACDEP-OMEP (World Organization for Pre-School Education).  500 copies are being distributed in private educational institutions, including universities.
  • During the International Congress on Pedagogy and Childhood titled “Human Ecology: Innovation for Education Institutions” (held between 21 and 23 October), an EC stand was installed where copies of the journal and an EC flag were given to participants.  As a result the interest of several educational institutions on the Earth Charter arose, among them kindergartens, secondary schools and universities.  Visits to those institutions started at the beginning of November.
  • A song was composed by Gloria de Alarcón based on principles I and II of the Earth Charter and is now part of the Musical Education Program base on values and principles for the nations of the world, Latin Kid’s Gospel of the Unidat International Foundation.
Singers: Children Erika Lizzette and Katherine Alarcón González, daughters of the composer.
This Colombian “bambuco” titled “Qué Mundo Construyes para Mi” (What World are you Building for Me) can be heard here in Spanish, English, French or Swedish.

This program is part of the pilot programs supported by the Association and was sent to the OMEP World Congress in Sweden with the theme: “Sustainable Development” and at the same time is part of the Earth Charter dissemination program.