EC educational projects for primary schools in Colombia

Filosofarte Foundation, an Affiliate of ECI in Colombia, founded the Eco AUM ecological school in Bogotá using the Earth Charter as its foundation. According to the Foundation, it allows the school to concretize the philosophy and the “ethos” contained in the Earth Charter with which they fully agree.

They also successfully organized and implemented a pilot program with the Earth Charter (2010-2011) at the Liceo Femenino Mercedes Nariño in Bogotá, which allowed them to confirm the educational advantages of the Earth Charter.  This is a girls’ school of approximately 3,000 low-income individuals.

They carried out workshops, field trips, made a school garden, danced, made music, conducted research activities and other activities, and made several videos that you can see below:

The Earth Charter: Left a footprint!:

The girls from the school commit to the Earth Charter:

Teachers support the Earth Charter:

More information in Spanish about the pilot program here.

Also, Maestros del Río in Zipaquirá, Colombia and a group of committed teachers have been working at schools with the Earth Charter and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) since 2011. Find more information in Spanish about their methodology and activities here.

They also created a video titled “Children cleaning the world”, which participated in the recent ECI video contest.