EC promoted at the European Development Education Summer School

Thank you Sujan Saha for for writing this article
and for your continuous support for the Earth Charter!

From June 12-18, 2011 The Earth Charter was promoted at DESS 2011: “Quality and Impact in Development Education” in Finland. Around 70 participants from all around the world joined in the annual summer school. DESS 2011 was organized by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DEEEP) of CONCORD (the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development ) in association with Kehys, and the Finnish NGDO Platform.

In the summer school’s market place an EC youth activist, e-GLO 3 alumni Sujan Saha showcased the Earth Charter and shared the Earth Charter principles with the participants.

“My aim was to disseminate the Earth Charter principles for sustainable development among the participants. I also hoped to get some volunteers for the Earth Charter Youth Task Force.

The Summer School Market Place was arranged to display participants’ organizations and for networking opportunities. Participants made a poster and brought recent information about their organization, projects and/or audiovisual tools for sharing and presentation.

Sujan made a poster and leaflets out of the newly formed EC Youth Task Force activities. The poster was hung on a board, and talked to the visitors standing by the poster pointing out vision, mission and goals of the Earth Charter Youth Task Force. Sujan was also interviewed for the newsletter; therein he also talked about the Earth Charter Initiative.

“I started with explaining what the Earth Charter Initiative is. Afterwards, I introduced Youth Task Force to them. Finally, I gave them leaflets for future communication. I also displayed Interwoven Stories at my stall.

Generally, I got positive feedback that many have heard about the Earth Charter Initiative.  Some even committed that they would join our next meeting of the Youth Task Force. I am glad to see that some of the people of the event have signed up already for the Earth Charter Youth Task Force.”