EC Seminar at the Thematic Social Forum in Porto Alegre

An Earth Charter Seminar titled “Earth Charter and Rio+20” was held at the Temathic Social Forum on January 28th, 2012.  This event took place at the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre and was part of the World Social Forum held from 24 to 29 January.  The Earth Charter was present as central subject in various activities carried out during the Forum. At the II International Encounter on Environmental Education there was a dialogue on how to line up some of the main international documents that offer guidance towards the construction of a more sustainable world, the Brazilian treaty on Environmental Education, the Earth Charter and the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

During this specific seminar on the “Earth Charter and Rio+20”, Marina Silva, former Minister of Environment of Brazil; Leonardo Boff, Theologian and Earth Charter Commissioner; Paulo Roberto Padilha from the Paulo Freire Institute; Netlon Freidrich from Itaipu, Rubens Born, from Vitae Civilis, Pedro Ivo from Terrazul, Ricardo Young, former President of Ethos Institute and Moema Vizzer were among the participants who addressed the audience.

Leonardo Boff stated that “the Earth Charter is a ‘way out’ (of the crossroads humanity is facing), a cry of Earth. The Earth Charter transforms our sight and brings an optic that promotes a new ethics”. Marina Silva, well-known environmentalist and political figure in Brazil, stressed the need to bring the Earth Charter to our hearts, to inspire what she calls creative mismatch.

According to the organizers the activity was a success and one of the largest self-managed activities within the Forum.  Approximately 1000 people attended and there was time for music and excellent discussions. This gathering brought together thousands of participants from diverse countries, mainly from Latin America, all in the search for a more just and sustainable world.

In addition, the Harmony on Earth Institute, ECI Affiliate, through its coordinators, Patricia Abuhab and Guillermo Blauth, presented the educational proposal of the Earth Charter game during the II International Encounter on Environmental Education and also facilitated various workshops of the Game. The Game had great success among the participants and demonstrated once again that it is a very efficient tool to promote the understanding and the experience of the principles and values of the Earth Charter in a playful form, deep and involving.

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See a video of the event from Alternatives International here.