EC Youth Task Force

12. c. Honor and support the young people of our communities, enabling them to fulfill their essential role in creating sustainable societies.

Earth Charter youth activists have decided to organize themselves as an Earth Charter Youth Task Force. Group of young activists interested in this development met online on May 10, 2011. They discussed about the objective and the goals of the EC Youth Task Force, came up with some ideas and decided to circulate these with the wider EC youth community. Also such topics were discussed as a structure of the group, different roles and skills that are needed, and how the Task Force will be managed.

The minutes of the meeting can be seen here. Discussions on the following topics are opened to the Earth Charter Youth Facebook group. Please join them there, or leave your comment here, below this article.

What is an Earth Charter Task Force?

Task Forces operate as volunteer networks that will lead to independent initiatives. Earth Charter Task Forces are focused on developing a network and promoting activities in the following areas: Business, Education, the Media, Religion, and the United Nations. Task Forces involve individuals and organization partners, affiliates or advisors. The ECI Council can periodically review the progress and work of each Task Force. However, the ECI Council and the ECI Secretariat will not direct and manage the work of the Task Forces. The Secretariat provides some basic services in support of the Task Forces.

Read more about Earth Charter Task Forces from the Handbook, page 25 – 31. See other Task Forces here.

When do we meet again?

Next meeting was set up for May 24th. It will take place online at 3pm GMT, for two hours. All interested are welcome!
Meanwhile, engage into discussion either here or on the Facebook page!