EC+15 photo contest winners announced

The EC+15 photo contest ran from the end of February to 22 April, Earth Day. Earth Charter International and its sponsors are happy to announce the winners of the contest and share their images here. The jury also selected several other photos for honorable mentions. ECI would like to thank all who participated as well as the contest sponsors from YES! Magazine, the Journey of the Universe project, and Greenhouse of the Future. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants.

In the over 18 category the winners in order of first, second, and third are Jophel Botero Ybiosa for his picture “Reflection, Debbie Crowell for her picture “Universal Vision”, and Khoka Rahman for hi picture “Springtime in Bangladesh”.

In the under 18 category, the jury selected a single winner, George Makrakis for his photo of the Ochi chestnut forest.

The other photographers who submitted images that the jury found exceptional were Abbie Barnes, Amy Katz, Diana Cordero, Edwina Luz Armada, Lino Tabangin, Michael Loew, Robert Pestarino, and Stiv Doka. All images from the contest can be seen here.

Here are the winning images:

Reflection by Jophel Botero Ybiosa

Universal Vision by Debbie Crowell

Springtime in Bangladesh by Khoka Rahman

Ochi chestnut forest by George Makrakis