ECI March webinars on education for sustainable development

Building on last year’s free webinar series to introduce the Earth Charter, ECI rolled out seven free webinars in March on education for sustainable development. Each webinar had a different expert guest speaker or speakers. Two of the webinars were in Spanish and five were in English.

This series of webinars was an attempt to share knowledge and gather people from different palces.

The guest speakers related their own experiences of working with the Earth Charter in education for sustainable development, from primary education through to graduate level programs.

All these webinars have been recorded and can be seen through the following links.

Elizabeth Ramírez (Costa Rica), Biologist, former Vice Rector of Extension of the National University of Costa Rica. (Session in SPANISH)

Louise Erbacher (Australia), educator working with primary schools using the Earth Charter in Australia. (Session in ENGLISH)

Shana Smith (USA), a primary school teacher using arts and music and the Earth Charter with the Earth Scouts program. (Session in ENGLISH)

Mamata Pandya and Rajeswari Namagri (India), educators working at the renowned Centre for Environment Education in India. (Session in ENGLISH)

Adela J. Gondek and Jairo García (USA), using the Earth Charter in undergraduate and graduate curricula at Columbia University. (Session in ENGLISH)

Sally Carless (USA), developed Earth Charter inspired curricula for primary distance education, USA. (Session in ENGLISH)

Edgar Gonzalez Gaudiano (Mexico), well-known educator, philosopher, university professor, researcher, and writer (among others) in Latin America.  (Session in SPANISH)