Earth Charter Mexican Network: 23rd EC Anniversary Celebration, July 2023

by Mateo Castillo Ceja and Shafía Sucar Succar

The Mexican Earth Charter Network celebrated the 23rd anniversary of the official launch of this universal declaration, which throughout this period has significantly contributed to building the path towards sustainability in Mexico. We celebrate 23 years of having started a movement to recover and transform lifestyles that can guarantee the transcendence of everything that exists and lives on this beautiful planet where we have developed the most wonderful experience of living. Yes, to live in harmony with all living beings, in balance with the 7 biogeochemical cycles and in accordance with the energetic mandates of the light of the Sun and the Moon, the Earth Charter being the source from which we can breathe and drink. A source which inspires us to weave hope and embroider with respect, care, integrity, justice, inclusion, tolerance, peace and compassion each of our days, to achieve that much-needed harmony and balance, to move towards the sustainability of our lives so sought after, and the most longed for peace. We had a celebration to recognize each and every member of the Network, each and every one for their love, their effort and their work to energize this initiative that remains alive, and to express our gratitude for maintaining this sister/brotherhood community for a common purpose.

The Celebration took place in the city of Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo León, in four important moments: the first in an academic environment, the second in a business environment, the third in a political space with the Monterrey city council, N.L., and the fourth and last with the annual meeting of the Mexican Earth Charter Network of affiliates, an especially emotional meeting given that we could not meet in person since before the pandemic. During the academic event, the Universidad Regiomontana (U-ERRE) reiterated its commitment to the Earth Charter (EC), which was assumed for the first time in 2003, after expressing the university’s commitment to sustainability, of which the EC is a benchmark.

As part of the programme for this celebration, a keynote presentation was offered by the Informatics professors María del Mar Lluelles Perera and Jordi Farrando Canals, from the Caparrella Institute of Lleida, in Catalonia, Spain, who shared the Implicat+ project, aimed at education students middle and high school. The activities developed from this project are aimed at strengthening the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Earth Charter, as a consistent pair for sustainability.

The second moment consisted of a meeting with young entrepreneurs from the state of Nuevo León; an organization that has undertaken its commitment to care for planet Earth. In this event, 25 companies assumed their commitment to the vision of the Earth Charter, to give continuity to their projects and add more allies, with the purpose of making their business processes sustainable and thus contributing to the construction of sustainability. from the state of Nuevo Leon.

The third moment was coordinated with the municipality of Monterrey, N.L., which reiterated its commitment to the Earth Charter and, in turn, the alliance with Sustainability. Prior to the meeting of the City Councilors a conference was held in which councilors, officials and members of civil society organizations of the municipality participated, with the purpose of publicizing the vision of the EC, its principles and values, and how these can be used to strengthen municipal public policies. Later, in the Municipal Palace, Mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas expressed his commitment to the Earth Charter within the formal session of the City Government members.

The fourth and last moment was the meeting of the National Earth Charter Network of Affiliates, based on an extensive programme of activities, with various objectives, including: evaluating the work carried out and projecting its future strategic plan; at the same time a retreat with traditional ceremonies to heal body, mind and spirit, as well as spaces for reflection and theoretical-practical activities. We trust that this set of activities will help us consolidate and renewal our commitment, both individually and collectively, as well as to imagine and outline the goals and commitments for the year 2024.