ECI provided short course on Leadership and Sustainability to the UCR

On April 5th, students from the Leadership Programme of the University of Costa Rica attended the short course “Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics” organized by the Earth Charter International Secretariat.

The course was given using a hands-on methodology, with activities such as hikes in the forest to identify the services that nature provides us, identification of values embedded in the Earth Charter, and theatrical activities such as representing the principles of the Earth Charter.

The goal of the short course was to introduce the Earth Charter to this initiative of the University of Costa Rica, allowing the students to learn leadership through the sustainability lens, and enabling them to embrace their role in creating a more sustainable society.

Students from many different majors attended, including architecture, pharmacy, biology, informatics, and civil engineering, among others. This highlighted the fact that in order to achieve sustainability, all sectors of society have to be involved, and young professionals from all academic backgrounds have a shared responsibility to foster sustainable development.