ECI Report of activities during the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

DESD-ReportThis report presents an overview of the main contributions of Earth Charter International, through the Education Center, to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development – DESD (2005- 2014).

In 2005 ECI created the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), to support the implementation of the UN DESD. Through its capacity building activities, the Center deepens participants’ understanding of sustainability vision and practice while building the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to shape a sustainable future.

One of the highlights of this Decade of work on ESD is the creation of the UNESCO Chair of ESD with the Earth Charter, in collaboration with the University for Peace in Costa Rica. Receiving the approval and recognition of this UNESCO Chair has been an incentive to keep working in developing innovative ways to help in the transition to more transformative education processes towards sustainability. With the end of the DESD, Earth Charter International Education Center commits to continue putting in practice education for sustainable development processes, and to contribute the Global Action Programme on ESD.

Find the Report here.