ECI virtual workshop with the Human Impacts Institute

On Wednesday October 24th, ECI Youth Coordinator Nora Mahmoud and Communications and Social Media Coordinator Douglas F. Williamson, held a short, virtual workshop with the Human Impacts Institute (HII) through ECI’s online platform. HII is a small, but very active, NGO based in New York City and is the coordinator of the MobilizeUS campaign, a North American coalition of sustainable development groups that worked together leading up to the Rio+20 conference.

During the workshop, ECI staff provided an introduction to the Earth Charter and an overview of the relevance of working with ethics and values-based strategies for sustainable development. The workshop continued with two interactive exercises, one an ethical dilemma, and the other a role-play negotiation on the topic of climate change between car drivers and those in opposition to fossil fuel use. The session concluded with a reflection on the exercises and how including values-based strategies might affect the group’s work in the future.

The event was successful and ECI and HII hope to continue to work together more closely in the future.

Find out more about HII here.