ECI volunteers give youth workshop at San Bosco School Elementary

On 31 May, the Earth Charter International in collaboration with Tierra Verde hosted a workshop with elementary school students at San Bosco School along with University for Peace students and Earth Charter volunteers. We focused on three main topics: the Earth Charter, the environment and the 20180531_082919protection of animals. We divided the workshop into three different activities. The first activity was centered around the Earth Charter, its relatability to the children’s life, and its application in everyday life and at school. The second activity was called “Tingo Tango”, a game in which we asked the students to name their favorite animals to then link them to one of the Earth Charter’s pillars and the importance of the care and protection of animals. Lastly, the third activity focused on the importance of waste management and recycling. In order to show them how to live a sustainable life, we showed the class two videos on recycling and waste management. At the end of our visit to San Bosco School, we met with the school principal to discuss the implementation of this workshop and more with children of other ages as well as the school’s faculty and staff. We are looking forward to continuing our work at San Bosco school and strengthening our partnership in order to sensitize the children of this community on the importance of taking care of our environment.

Written by ECI Intern: Ilka Walker-vera