ECI welcomes Japanese students for one-day Earth Charter workshop

On 17 March 2014, the EC Center offered a one-day workshop to a small group of students from Japan’s National Kyushu University who were traveling through a University of Georgia programme. These students were high intermediate English speakers and were taking a course on the environment and sustainability. As part of the course, they spent a full day at the Earth Charter Center for ESD receiving a workshop on the Earth Charter from two EC staff members.

The workshop consisted of an introduction of the Earth Charter, several games and exercises to open the students up to the ethical aspects of sustainability, a tour of the Seeds of Hope exhibition, a discussion of a statement by Soka Gakkai nuclear expert Hirotsogu Terasaki and of videos of former Earth Charter Council member and former Japanese Environment Minister Wakako Hironaka, a round table discussion with UPEACE students on the ethical aspects of nuclear power, and a walk and talk tour of the Peace Park.

The day was very successful and the students, in spite of the challenges of the subject matter in a foreign language, were able to learn a lot about the Earth Charter, sustainability, and ethical issues surrounding nuclear power.