Ecoschools Projects and the EC in Venezuela

The Research Group Urban Life and Environment (VUA) from the University Simon Bolivar in Venezuela is working with a project called Ecoschools and the Earth Charter.

Some of the activities developed were:

  • Definition of the Ecoschools model, Educating for Sustainable Development
  • Work with two schools, primary and secondary: La Unidad Educativa Abilio Reyes Ocho with 540 students and 37 teachers, located in a low-income rural area,  as well as with Unidad Educativa USB with 419 students and 34 teachers.  This school offers education to the children of workers, staff, and professors of the University Simon Bolivar and the neighbor community.
  • Workshops for teachers and students were offered to bring Educating for Sustainable Development into the classroom using the Earth Charter as a tool. Please find a leaflet in Spanish on how the Earth Charter was used for this purpose here.

The Earth Charter is considered a cross-cutting axis for all subjects, as well as the philosophy in the education of values, principles, and ethics.