ECYG OGUN presents the Earth Charter to their paramount ruler


Earth Charter Youth Group led a delegation of young people to the palace of the Alake of Egbaland as part of activities marking the International Youth Day 2009. The traditional/cultural institutions of south western part of Nigeria are sacred to the people, the major custodians and such traditions are paramount rulers: they are holding a priestly role and the overall custodian of the traditions and culture. In view of this understanding, Leke Obadimu (ECYG OGUN coordinator and e-GLO, alumni, spring 2008) led team members and youth leaders to interact with the paramount ruler and to share the vision of the Earth Charter and consequently present him a copy of the Earth Charter document.

By introducing the vision of the Earth Charter Tolu Leke Obadimu said that the Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society. Further he stated: “At a time when major changes in how we think and live are urgently needed, the Earth Charter challenges us to examine our values and to choose a better way. It calls on us to search for a common ground in the midst of our diversity and to embrace a new ethical vision shared by growing numbers of people with diverse culture throughout the world”.

An interaction ensued with the kabiyesi (kabiyesi means King in Yoruba) on the role and responsibility of the traditional institutions at fostering a just and sustainable world. Kabiyesi responded by thanking the group for a good vision of building a just and sustainable world, appreciating the youths for recognizing the salient role the cultural and traditional institutions play at achieving a just world.

Kabiyesi gave a profound history of various aspect of our culture. He specifically emphasized that one major key for fostering a sustainable society is to speak the truth at all times, no matter the circumstance you find yourself. He said that Yorubas have a cultural value of truth at all times. The responsibility of every culture is to uphold the truth at any given time and circumstance. Kabiyesi further encouraged the youths to identify with their cultural values and always to be good ambassadors. Later the Earth Charter document was presented to the kabiyesi which received with deep admiration.

The team of the kabiyesi included Hon, Fasiu Bakene (Member, House of Assembly, Ogun state), Apena of Egbaland. Kabiyesi gave a royal blessing to the team members with a royal prayer. The visit ended with a photo session of the team members namely Leke Obadimu, Fatona Emmanuel, Bello Ahmed, Adekunle Eniola, Biola Bakare Ohiri ChiChi, Temitayo Ogunde, Meme Sylvia, Ronke odebiyi, Dare Ogunjimi, Omowunmi Akanke (GYCA, Ogun), Akinbo Adedamola (National Focal Person, GYCA Nigeria), Patrick Onabule, Gloria Ofili and Odekoya Modupe.