ECYL, Branislav Trudíc, Publishes Research on Formal Education in Serbia Related to Climate Change Topics

Branislav Trudić is currently a researcher-associate at Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment, University of 20160920_113643Novi Sad. He is working in research fields of agro-forest genetic breeding and selection and agroforestry ecosystem services and products. Being involved in agroforestry as such, he gave an active contribution in writing research articles and conducting studies related to protection and sustainable development of agroforestry systems in Serbia. Branislav had the opportunity to give active contributions through writing the chapter Forest genetic resources of Serbia and their ecosystem services and products, for the National programme of conservation and sustainable management of forest genetic resources of Republic of Serbia (2016-2025). This chapter enables him to be versatile with policy papers, to write strategies in area of conservation, forestry and environment and to think critically on future indicators of successful forest genetic monitoring systems.

As an Agro-Forest Life Scientist, Branislav had the pleasure to work and collaborate in many different research groups in country and in Europe. He finished COST action STSMs projects in France (INRA, Bordeaux), in Italy (IBBR-CNR, Florence), Trees4Future Transnational Project in Teisendorf, Germany, TEMPUS study visit in Munster, Germany and still involved in bilateral project on genetic structure of European beech in GIS, Slovenia.

Evkonyv, the peer-reviewed journal of the Hungarian Language Teacher Training Faculty is a collection of professional articles that publishes original research papers in the field of humanities. Our main goal is to address a wide audience (researchers, university lecturers, fellow colleagues, in-service and pre-service teachers and pre-school teachers).

Branislav is also an Earth Charter Young Leader from Novi Sad city, Serbia, Europe. His recent publication: The analysis of formal education curricula for biology/ecology related to subjects in schools in Serbia on climate change topic  was published in above mentioned peer-reviewed journal and it represents pilot research related to presence of climate change in formal education curricula in Serbia. He was a co-author alongside with his respected colleague, Dr. Mirjana Bojović from Faculty of Environmental Protection, Educons University, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia. Below you can read an abstract from their paper which is available as an attachment:

                “Climate change is a natural phenomenon which is starting to be in the focus of education in many national educational policies worldwide. Its influence on many aspects of human existence and further scenario development must be an educational strategic priority on the national level, especially in Serbia. This way, each country worldwide will give the contribution to combating climate change. Education on climate change represents the basis for establishment of ecological awareness of children and young people. Analyzing the content of teaching program for Biology subject, Serbia is not focusing enough on the topic of climate change in its formal education curricula. Curricula for education on climate change in Serbia might shape a new focus in environmental education. Also, in order to improve better understanding of the topic of climate change among pupils, it is required to introduce innovations into the teaching process. In this study, we presented short analysis of Biology teaching program for primary and secondary schools in Serbia on climate change topic..”

To read the entire paper (pages 28-35):


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