ECYL Dennis Pérez-Umaña publishes “Geodiversity and Geoheritage in Costa Rica’s Wilderness.”

Dennis Pérez-Umaña, an Earth Charter Young Leader (ECYL) from Costa Rica, recently wrote and published an article titled “Geodiversity and Geoheritage in Costa Rica’s Wilderness.” In the article, Dennis explains the importance of protecting wilderness areas, such as volcanoes, and how doing so we can guarantee the conservation of the local flora and fauna, as well as safeguard the production of water for people living in the outskirts of these protected areas.

ECYL ArticleDennis concludes the article by stating, “The study of geomorphosites in Costa Rica is just beginning, but it is the key to identify and evaluate and evaluate those sites of interest that often go unnoticed. Through tools such as the Earth Charter, we can propose protection figures for those sites of interest that are not under a protection regime and their creation could be economically beneficial for the communities while protecting the national geoheritage for future generations.”

Dennis has been an assistant in the Institute of Social Studies in Population of the National University of Costa Rica, where he has developed the cartography for different projects of social extension. He has worked on issues related to ecological connectivity, conservation and biological corridors through the use of Geographic Information Systems. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Geographical Sciences with an emphasis on Territorial Planning, and is currently studying to earn an advanced degree in the same field. He has recently been involved in the promotion of Natural Monuments as a conservation figure under the geomorphosis approach. He also serves as an advisor to the Environmental Affairs Commission of the Tibás City Council. He lives in San José, Costa Rica.