Education and Pedagogical Approaches: Values Education with the Earth Charter 

Online Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development: Integrating values into education

Are our schools and universities helping students cultivate a sense of care for oneself, for one another, for the environment, with values and a genuine sense of care for the community of life? Education for Sustainability refers to the content that is being taught, the values that are highlighted, and the way this is addressed. It has the most impact if it finds an integral way in the curricula and by reinventing or exploring new methodologies that are transformative.

If you, as an educator, want to infuse sustainability and its values in your teachings and you would like to learn about the strategies or pedagogical elements to infuse sustainability in processes, this intensive online course is just what you need.

Our online Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development is held under the framework of the UNESCO Chair on ESD with the Earth Charter and the University for Peace. It takes place from 16 January to 24 June 2020 and will be facilitated by international professors who are experts in the field of education, sustainability and the Earth Charter. Be part of this space for transformative learning that responds to the educational needs of today.

You can find more information about our Online Certificate on ESD and apply online.

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The Earth Charter Education Centre has established the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter. It has the purpose to spark the interest of a generation of citizens to be aware and embrace values of sustainability and of good human co-existence. It focuses its work on training and research on the intersection between sustainability, values and education, which involves constantly asking the question of how to realize values education through a transformative learning experience.