Education, health and sustainability actions in Mali

The local Malian NGO AFAD, an Earth Charter Affiliate, works hand in hand with local governments to foster education for women and children, health and sustainable practices. With actions based on human rights principles, they created democratic opportunities and spaces in which elected officials have to render an account of their governance in their respective municipality.

The lack of transparency and accountability lies at the heart of many (governance) issues in Mali and thus those values stand at the core of the organization’s mission. In this respect, AFAD initiated an Earth Charter campaign in different regions and areas of the country in order to raise awareness on ethical and environmental values.

So far, several communities endorsed the Charter and committed to align their actions and projects to the framework given by the Earth Charter principles.

 AFAD also assists people with HIV and created therefore several small associations that provide medical support and legal advice. Finally, another field of action concerns sustainable agriculture: AFAD distributes more resistant seeds as well as material that protects soils and increases production.

Overall, AFAD’s goal is to improve the living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable populations for a better respect of their dignity.