Earth Charter Podcast: Turning Conscience into Action

Hosted by Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter International’s Executive Director.

This podcast brings to you conversations with great thinkers, scholars and activists in the fields of sustainability, ethics, education and movements of social transformation from around the world.

These conversations include personal stories, reflections on current global challenges, the evolving process (and concept) of sustainability, education for sustainable development, a new paradigm of education, stories of the Earth Charter drafting process, as well as reflections on some key ideas and principles in the Earth Charter.

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The purpose of this podcast is to generate some new insights and inspire informed action. Through these conversations, we aim to help you expand your understanding of the worldview that is articulated in the Earth Charter, the current challenges humanity faces, education for sustainability, new paradigms of education, and more.

Our hope is that this will spark your thinking, curiosity, and interest to learn more and engage in the Earth Charter global movement. Together we can contribute to processes of social transformation towards a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

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This podcast is developed by Earth Charter International as part of our work as UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter.