Educators recommend the Online Certificate on ESD

Between 19 and 20 November 2019, the Online Certificate in Education for Sustainable Development with Earth Charter programmes, in Spanish and Portuguese, were successfully completed.

Below we share testimonials from two participants of this 2019 programmes:

FOTO CYNTHIA DELGADOCynthia Delgado Hidalgo (San José, Costa Rica)

Cynthia is an educator and General Director of West College, a high school in Costa Rica. She participated in the Online Certificate programme in Spanish and shared following reflection about her experience:

“The programme sensitized me even more about the sustainable development goals, their raison d’être, the current problem of the planet and, above all, my contribution to be able to positively impact these goals.

In addition, it structured me mentally for decision-making and for the analysis of the consequences in the community of life of each action or decision I make in the personal, family and work context.

I was invited to participate in a conference on education in China in October (2019) on student leadership and how to cultivate it. My presentation was permeated by everything learned in the programme and, above all, the relevance that it has for the entire planetary community in this historic moment to foster conscious leadership of the reality of the planet and its creatures for the promotion of a better future for everyone.

In other words, I have taken over what I have learned and I feel that, although it is true, I have always been a conscious and sensitive person towards ecological, social and environmental problems. It is also true that, the programme complemented me with theory and new knowledge in order to better shape my thinking and actions.”

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-10 at 10.57.43Regina Stella Quintas Fittipaldi Quintas (Brasília, Brazil)

Regina is an architect and urban planner, post graduated in Environmental Management in Cities. Author of children’s literature, theater and musical books. She is Co-founder of Fittipaldi Arquitetura and Pro Dean of Environment at UNIPAZ DF. Graduate Professor at PUC, and member of the Gaia Design Education Coordination. She shared the following reflection:

“My learning was very important, as it extended the points of relevance for the contents of the courses and formations that I have been conducting, and broadened my perception of the need to strengthen the dissemination and appropriation of the values and principles contained in them for a culture of peace. The Earth Charter is like a poem that, while we recite it, we immerse ourselves more and more in what is expressed in its words, but also in the pauses that lie between the verses.”

This certificate programme will be offered again starting in January 2020 in English. We invite you to learn about this professional development opportunity through this link: