Maria del Mar Lluelles Perera

• Computer science teacher at the Caparrella Institute in Lleida.
• Educator at Earth Charter International.
• Trainer of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
• Trainer of the CRP of Segrià.https: //
• Coordinator of the Implícate + Project with the Earth Charter and the 2030 Agenda. Https://
• Affiliated to the Earth Charter International.
• Diploma in Education for Sustainable Development.
• Member for ten years of the Catalan Community of Webquest.
• Member of the Friends of UNESCO Association of Tortosa.
• 1st Prize La Caixa in the category “Initiatives to promote the social integration of groups with adaptation difficulties, through the use of technologies”. 2008.
• 1st Prize in the VII Impulse Prize for educational innovation in the category “Center project”. 2015.
• 1st Prize in the 9th Federico Mayor Zaragoza Prize in the “Education” category. 2016.