Enough Already… music inspired by the Earth Charter

“Enough Already”, is a powerful song composed and performed by Pam Gerrand, Pam is a very creative and inspiring artist from Canada.  She has been working closely with Dr. Mitra Doherty, Earth Charter Affiliate from Canada, and has been using the Earth Charter as inspiration for many of her songs.


The Earth Charter Initiative appreciates the work that Pam is doing and how she is promoting the Earth Charter through her talent.   We invite you to listen and watch the video of “Enough Already”, which can be viewed through the following link:  http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=SYwQLWlMLZA 


The message of this song focuses on the importance of ‘simplify, share and sustain’. Since its launch in 2008, this song has reached many hearts and ears. Pam won an award for ‘most viewed musician’ on YouTube in the first two days!


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Pam Gerrand’s work, she has three CD’s full of original and inspiring music.  Her website is www.pamgerrand.com