Ethos Institute opens registration for its 2010 International Conference

The 12th annual International Conference organized by the Ethos Institute in Brazil: Businesses and Social Responsibility will be held on May 11-14, 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Registrations are open). The whole conference program is based on the Earth Charter and it is expected to be an interactive and participative event. The audience will have the chance to select the moments they wish to engage during the event: sharing, debating or learning as well as proposing new topics for discussion.

One of the purposes of the event is to debate about what it is considered to be the five inductors of Corporate Social Responsibility: Education, Media, Labor Power, Political Power and Business Leadership. The Ethos Institute believes that responsibility from businesses with society, the environment and the economy is the path for transformation.

This event is promoted by the Ethos Business Institute and Social Responsibility and carried out by UniEthos – Training and Development for a Socially Responsible Mission in partnership with the Akatu Institute for a Conscious Consumption, Our Sao Paulo Movement, the UN Global Compact, Sustainability, BSR – Businesses for Social Responsibility, Business Forum, GRI and Volans.

Registration can be only done through the following site: http://www.ethos.org.br/ci2010/

For more information in please refer to the attached brochure or contact Cristina Spera at [email protected] or Gladis Éboli at [email protected]