Euro Arab youth online course on the EC had 18 graduates

A 7-week-long Earth Charter online course has come to an end. This youth sustainability leadership course, called Euro-Arab youth collaboration for more sustainable world, took place from June – July 2011.

A group of young people studied together about sustainability issues, community leadership and the Earth Charter – and inspired each other into action. The participants defined their visions for a more sustainable world and planned what type of a role they want to take in their own communities to solve the current challenges. Many creative solutions were displayed – now lets hope that most of those will lead into action! The participants were very active and some of them  have already joined the Earth Charter Youth Task Force, started to educate their own peers about the Earth Charter and/or joined project teams to plan local level activism.

The course consisted of 25 European and Arab youth. 18 of them submitted their homework and participated in the sessions and thus graduated the course.

See the course recordings here.